"Meandering Leads to Perfection"

I'm the island hoping + sunset loving traveler behind the cameras. Thank you so much for visiting my site!

My name is Bailey Myers, and I'm so grateful you've shown interest in my work!

I'll bet you're here to learn more about me, my values, and approach so let's get into it!
I am a passionate visual storyteller with a journalistic background. For years I worked as a TV-News Reporter covering everything from Presidential elections, tragic historic events, to special interest stories. While I loved to tell these impactful stories, I found myself taking more pictures in hopes of capturing more laughter and joy. So, in 2021 I made a decision to quit my career and move to the Florida Keys in hopes of turning my passion for photography into my livelihood.
And that's where you found me! Now, I am so grateful I get to artfully document joy every single day!

Now that you know more about my background, know this... When I arrive, I make it my mission to keep you laughing, put you and your partner at ease, and make sure everyone on camera doesn't feel like they are 'on camera'. Photography sessions should be FUN! When you are at ease, and just enjoying each other, it shows.
So don't worry- no one is 'awkward on camera' because you aren't being forced into weird poses and told to freeze. While I do utilize light posing techniques, I mostly provide playful prompts to keep the interactions organic so we are really capturing candid moments. 

Capturing true, authentic emotions, with a magical destination backdrop is my life's passion! And personally, I love to laugh and keep people smiling so trust me when I say we will be able to have a great time working together. So let's chat more about where your meandering path has taken and will take you!

Behind the Lens

With Love,

More about The Meandering style

So you're looking for a photographer but have no idea what you're looking at... All you know is that something looks pretty. I totally get it! Sometimes beautiful things are difficult to describe.
Just like an emotion. Sometimes words can't fully articulate what you're feeling. But, I do think images can capture a feeling.
And that's exactly what I strive to capture with my cameras.
As a former journalist, I do take a candid approach to your weddings days. But, I'm also a firm believer in light posing and playful prompts that encourage the couples and family's to open up, have fun, laugh a lot all while I snap some pictures that tell your story. 
I want you to open your wedding gallery, or pull open your printed wedding album, and beam.
I mean, full-blown-light up like the moon, with joy from all the memories that come flooding in from your magical day.
So let me capture the light of your big day so you will forever look back on it with fondness and love.

Focused on capturing emotion not just pretty pictures