These images were some of my absolute favorite because you can feel the laughter and love through these images. And I think the celebratory champagne really helped make that happen! 
Even if you aren't a big drinker, think about incorporating some sort of prop or festive activity in your elopement or engagement photography session. Having an activity to do, however small, can really elevate your photography because typically while people are DOING something they are more relaxed and focused on the task. Which mean, Im able to capture more natural exchanges between you and your partner. So, more laughter and joy and love shines through your images. 

Plus... It's really fun! 
Here are some more of my favorites-- check out the car!

When Amy & Angharad were planning their wedding day, the idea of a big hullabaloo just wasn't doing it for them. They wanted a celebration with family and friends but the ceremony itself? They wanted something more intimate. Something that was special to just them. Something they could remember as a romantic and intimate way to commemorate their love. So, they decided to elope! But where to go? 

Now, Amy & Angharad are both professional football players in the UK. A few years ago their career took them to Orlando. In the City Beautiful they both played for the amazing team, the Orlando Pride.
While there, they fell in love working and adventuring around Central Florida. At one point, their adventures brought them all the way down to Key West, Florida. The quirky town vibes, the roosters, the palm trees, and above all the bright turquoise waters were unforgettable. 
So when it came down to picking their wedding spot... Key West popped up in their minds and they popped over the pond and headed down to the quirky island I know and love.

Somehow these beautiful ladies found me on Instagram and we started planning a very simple elopement. But, simple doesn't have to be boring. They knew they wanted to have a sweet, sentimental, and straight forward ceremony but were open to some creative highlights to elevate their wedding day. So we discussed some ideas and they rented a fun antique car and bought a bottle of champagne and I brought the glasses. 

Amy & Angharad

Top Reasons to Elope In Key West

Their ceremony was perfect- under swaying palm trees on the coral beach of Ft. Zachary Taylor.
But I'll these those photos for them to cherish privately.
After their ceremony we popped bottles of champagne and walked over to rocky shores drenched in sunset. They danced to the reggae music playing on the sail boats that speckled the horizon and giggled the night away. 
It was the perfect night. 
So here are some reasons to elope: 
1) You get to do something for just YOU: If a big wedding day isn't your thing- plan something small that celebrates all the things that make your love story special to you two. You are able to celebrate your love story privately and without distraction. Plus you get to pick a location which is significant to you and will always be very special to your love story. 
2) It can be as bougie or low key as YOU want: Eloping can mean spending money on the things you want to spend your money on like a car, a nice bouquet, an extravagant dinner, or a picnic by the sea at sunset. 
3) It will be unforgettable! With the right vendors (location, photographer, officiant) your wedding can be seamless, easy, and above all unforgettable. So pick some place significant to you & choose wisely. Your images will be your little time capsules reminding you of the special moments you shared. 

Cheers to Amy & Angharad!

Venue: Fort Zachary Taylor 
Hair & Make Up: Frankie Key West 
Officiant: Ana with Key West Wedding Day
Planning & Photography: Me!

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