2) Let's Play A Game 
One reason I LOVE capturing family sessions is because I love making kids laugh and capturing that laughter on camera. I have NO problem being silly for kiddos and keeping everyone smiling but it does help to know what key words, or games, or tickles your kids love to play with you.
Typically that is my very first trick to get shy or hesitant kids to feel more comfortable and break out of their shells. So take some time before our session to think if there is a key word or phrase that may make your child grin!

I'll feel pretty accomplished if this helps ONE family of youngsters ahead of our time together
so let's get into it!
Let's go over the essentials:
1) Come Prepared:
Bring anything you think your kiddos might ask for or want
aka lots of water, a snack, bug spray, sunblock, and even an
incentive like a toy or candy or popsicles they can enjoy after the shoot. 
You'd be surprised how a small incentive, and basic essentials can make or break a kids experience. So, if you're worried your little one might be fussy, pack a go-bag and I'll help pull all the stops to keep everyone smiling! 

Family Portrait Sessions in Key West

Tips for: 

Venue: Fury Watersports
Planning & Photography: Me!

4) Don't Stress! 
Typically family sessions are about 35-75 minutes long (depending on which portrait session you elect). 
Sometimes kids can take a little bit longer to relax or find their happy place. While I can't control the weather or moods, I do try my best to allow everyone to just relax, play on the beach or at the park for a little bit before we start snapping away. The results don't disappoint! Once we stop thinking about having to get the shot we usually do! So don't stress i'm here to do my best to make those family portrait dreams come true!

3) What to wear? 
Complimentary neutral tones or pastel colors are always really beautiful and in Key West, beige, white, baby blue, yellow, pink, green, or even black looks really flattering! 
Also anything that bounces or flows in the wind always looks great on camera. 
I would stray away from patterns, unless you have a specific vision (Aka matching Christmas shirts etc.).
But the BIGGEST tip would have to be not to wear anything too fancy if your kids are really young. A lot of family sessions are at the beach and that means they are likely to get wet and sandy. So, the last thing I want is for Mom or Dad or Grandma/Grandpa to be worked up and worried about the kiddos clothes when they aren't likely to stay completely dry. 

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