After family portraits at the beautiful Hyatt Resort in Downtown Key West we all went around the corner to Garrison Bight Marina and boarded one of the larger Fury Catamarans, the Atlantic. 
We promptly headed into the harbor for calm seas and Captain Ron took some time to bless the wedding and perform the ceremony as the legal officiant for Tyler & Jen's special Day! 

Tyler & Jen have loads of family ties to Key West. So when they were deciding where to have their wedding it felt like a no-brainer. But planning a wedding in Key West when you live in Chicago can be a little bit difficult. One thing they knew was that they both wanted to have a nautical feel for their wedding day because Jen has a passion for sailing. So after some research they decided to jump on board with Fury Watersports on one of their sailing catamarans! 

Initially I met with Jen & Tyler at their hotel and got some getting photos before we jumped on board the boat. 

Tyler & JEn

Destination Wedding

Venue: Fury Watersports
Planning & Photography: Me!

No matter the time of the year it's worth noting that weather can be unpredictable. Upside is, it's nearly always very temporary. So a storm will roll in and down pour on you BUT it'll last five minutes or less and then it's back to paradise by the sea! 
That's exactly what happened with Tyler & Jen. Fortunately we were able to capture some amazing pictures during their first dance JUST before the rain. 
Look how blue the skies seem... I intentionally took pictures on the sunny side of the boat vs. the foreboding black cloud looming in the distance. 

Despite the downpour their wedding celebration was PERFECT! We captured plenty of magical moments on the boat and were able to avoid getting totally drenched after waiting out the rain in the semi-enclosed area below deck just in time for cocktail hour. 

While the festivities continued at Bagatelle Restaurant, I wanted to highlight just how much beauty and fun you can have on even the shortest of wedding sails. 

Tyler & Jen had a magical wedding day and were thrilled to celebrate this beautiful place they know and love with their loved ones. 
Cheers to Tyler & Jen!

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